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Pregnant and On The Run

Bob Dalton and the pregnant Lucy Johnson. The original photo was dated May 9, 1889 and was designated as being taken in the Fowler Photography Studio in Vinita, Indian Territory. Later, in November of that year, Jennie Mae Johnson was born into this family of carefree outlaws. The date May 9, played a continuous role in the Dalton gangs' activities. On May 9, 1889, the date appears for the first time as it was printed on this portrait of Bob Dalton. The next appearance of this date was when the Dalton gang, in full operation robbed a train at Wharton, which is now Perry, Oklahoma. The date of the robbery was May 9, 1891. This robbery was noted by Emmett in his book titled, When the Daltons Rode, as the "Honeymoon Holdup." After his release from Lansing State Prison, Emmett and Julia Ann took to the road with his motion picture scripts and book signings. One such event was when he traveled to Lansing, Kansas to visit old friends and acquaintances who had not been released. According to newspaper interviews Emmett was simply taking a vacation from the California grind with Julia Ann at his side. Julia was asked what she thought of the excursion back to where the two had originated and her reply was, "It is our second honeymoon." The date of the interview was May 9, 1931. Finally, a woman died in Los Angeles, California and her remains were cremated at the Forest Lawn Cemetery. Her name was Julia Dalton and her date of death was May 9, 1947.

First Presbyterian Church
Bartlesville, Oklahoma

On August 31, 1908, Emmett and Julia were married in the First Presbyterian Church of Bartlesville. Rev. Ralph J. Lamb officiated. The Daltons took up residency in a newly constructed house which had not been quite finished at the time Julia had become a recent widow. Together they blended in with the society crowd of the times and raised a family. Julia was playing mother to both her daughter and a stepson at the time of Emmett's proposal of marriage. Together the Daltons worked as a family unit. Julia made every effort to persuade her husband to begin a career in the motion picture industry and in real estate, which he did.

The Dalton Home

Emmett and Julia Dalton can be seen standing in the front yard of their residence, located at 421 South Cheyenne, Bartlesville, Oklahoma (circa 1910). This is the structure which was begun with money from Robert Ernest Lewis and was completed shortly after his death in the Uno Joint in 1907. Emmett and Julia remained in this house from 1908 until they left for the state of California in 1915. Jennie Mae Gilstrap and Roy Dalton are also known to have lived at this location for several years. This is where Jennie Mae recieved her earliest lessons in "parental love" at the hands of Julia and where Roy lived while attending Bartlesville and Wann, Oklahoma public schools.

Dead Daltons
Bob and Grat

After all is said of the infamous Dalton outlaw gang of the late 1800's, their
number was comprised of nothing more than drunken, lice infested glory
seekers. The gang remained on the horizon of mankind long enough to make
their presence known and thankfully were squelched in a single moment. A few
members of this party suffered from the ills of venereal disease while others
basked in their prowess of bisexual activity. This image is a far cry from
those portrayed in books, magazines and on the silver screen. However it is
the image which for many years was hidden secured from the public
view by the very persons directly associated with the gang's members.

Julia Ann Johnson Whiteturkey Gilstrap Lewis Dalton Johnson

Julia Ann Johnson created more than simply another addition to the family for Westley Marion and Martha M.(Sparks) Johnson on March 5, 1870. Her birth in the state of Kentucky was to begin a series of events which would touch upon the lives of countless persons around her as she grew up in a family of four brothers and one sister. Sibling rivalry was the catalyst which was sparked by her coincidental birth being on the same day as that of her father. Because of this happenstance of nature she was to be reared in a situation where she was probably viewed as the "favorite" child. This impression was held not only by herself but by her sister Lucy Ann as well. Between the time of her birth and the time of her death she had based her entire existence on a compulsory act to gain fame, fortune and immortality. This she was able to accomplish to a certain degree. Julia Ann Johnson had become what she had always aspired to be, a wealthy and powerful force standing silently behind a facade of reality, slipping quietly between the shadows of the law and forever escaping detection.

Lucy's Glove?

Found, folded neatly in Bob Dalton's pocket, by Perry Landers who was employed by Isham's Hardware Store at the time of the battle, was a right hand woman's riding glove. The controversy over this item makes it no longer available for viewing in Coffeyville's Dalton Museum.

421 South Cheyenne and Contemporary History

Relics from the lives of Emmett and Julia Dalton were found in the attic of the "Dalton Home" in Bartlesville. In 1929, when the Benway family moved in and took up residence, those articles were discovered. Not knowing the historical value of such items, they were swept out during the first years of the Benway residency. A massive "spring cleaning" was the ruin of much of Emmett's personal notes and writings. The documents were placed in cardboard boxes and taken to the landfill. Burdena Benway said, she and her husband, A. L. Benway, had no intention of destroying historical documents. To the Benways, the Daltons were only former residents and since the family hadn't claimed the papers, they were casually discarded.

Jennie Mae Gilstrap

The child of Julia's concern was in fact not hers but the product of
another relationship; however the baby girl was family. The girl was,
reportedly, born out of wedlock on November 17, 1889, and at that
time a baby did not fit into the plans of either parent. The actual birthdate
of this child will fluctuate from document to document throughout the course
of the Dalton/Johnson saga. Even though this child grew into adulthood
and died in 1975, death records were altered to reflect a different day
of birth. A deal was struck and Jennie Mae was given the last name of
Gilstrap and was legitimized through one of Julia's marriages.

Jennie Mae and Roy Dalton, Emmett's Stepson

Roy Reynolds Dalton was brought into the world under the most
mysterious and the most unbelievable circumstances of the time, yet all of
those persons who heard the tale accepted it readily. The saga of his birth
was handed down from one generation to another and with each re-telling
of the event, the acceptance grew and grew. In the end the actual moment
was lost to legend and the legend had been created by Julia Ann Johnson.

Rev. Ralph J. Lamb

Ralph J. Lamb entered the lives of the Dalton/Johnson gang early in their criminal career. He was to become involved indirectly at first, but the joint association would last for several years. Lamb's travels had taken him to various parts of the Indian Territory in the days when much of the region was wild and unsettled. The Lamb entourage would make stops in Vinita, Nowata, Red Fork and to all parts between. It is of particular interest that the Dalton/Johnson outlaw gang shared the same basic travel schedule as did Lamb and his family. The Daltons were known as residents of the city of Vinita and they were equally as well known for their outlawry in towns such as Nowata and Red Fork. Other towns and communities on the Lamb Bible trail such as Nowata, Coweta, Romona, Dewey and Bartlesville, were also affected in the same manner. The most interesting connection between the two groups of persons is when Lamb stopped at any given location, the Daltons were sure to follow within a few days. Emmett Dalton was once employed in the town of Red Fork. This was simply another of the recorded times when both men were present in the same locale, the significance being, it was October of 1892.

Lucy Ann and Julia Ann Johnson
As Teenage Girls

Lucy Ann Johnson was two years older than Julia, and for the childhood years
of their lives the teasing which went along with having the same birthday as a parent
was harmless. However, as the girls grew into their teen-age years, the simple taunting
from Lucy Ann grew into a more sophisticated game. On the outside there was little to
demonstrate how deeply the streams of resentment were actually running. The exact
moment when this adolescent dislike became a mild hatred is not to be found in written
historical documents, but it took place as surely as the sun rises and sets each day. By
the early spring of 1889, Julia and her sister Lucy Ann had moved to the town of Vinita,
in Indian Territory. Both girls were well on their way to establishing themselves in the
real world, away from the drudgery of farm life near Dewey.

Emmett Dalton
Prisoner #6472
Lansing State Prison
March 1893

In short Emmett Dalton never gave up any secrets
which would be of value in unraveling the mysteries
which remain surrounding the Dalton gang and its
members. To the end of his life he carried with him the
guilt and the pain of his last morning to see his brother
and idol, Bob, bleed to death before his eyes, helpless
to provide any comfort. The only thing which was of
value to Emmett and possibly more so in his declining
years, was the recurring sound of Bob Dalton's voice
when it sputtered, "Never Give Up! Die game!"
In retrospect, regarding the Dalton legend, that is
exactly what Emmett had done.

Uno Joint

Emmett Dalton was granted a medical parole in July 1907 for treatment of wounds he had received 15 years before at Coffeyville. He would be in Bartlesville when Robert Ernest Lewis was blasted to death in a saloon Lewis and Julia owned, known as the Uno Joint. The bar was so named for a popular brand of beer available at the time. Lewis had challenged local lawmen to one final showdown. At midnight on November 16, 1907, the Territory of Oklahoma would be no more and would become the State of Oklahoma. Lewis swore to kill two U. S. Marshals, George Williams and Fred Keeler, before their commissions expired. In the fracas Lewis was killed. Julia was in her usual widow position. But with Emmett at her side, they made plans for the future.

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